Saturday, June 28, 2008

Your Favorite Colors Tag

Put a little more color into your life. You just might find out how colorful you are!

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Tag five of your closest friends. Be honest with your answer and provide JUST ONE COLOR for each. You can explain why you want the color (and not anything else) but you have to answer with JUST ONE COLOR.

What color would you like the following things to be?

1. Your wedding motif?

2. Your dream house?

3. The flowers on your front lawn?

4. The front cover of your autobiography?

5. Your hair?

6. Your fingernails?

7. Your toenails?

8. Your blog?

9. Your company logo?

10. The room of your first baby?

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Love Tag

Love is not always fair, but it can be a many-splendored thing, depending on who you ask. But forget about the cliches: what do YOU think?

Copy this tag onto your blog and answer the questions. Tag three of your best friends, and, if possible, one of them has to be your boyfriend. Tell everyone you've tagged them!

1. Who or what is your first love?

2. Was it love at first "sight?" Do explain in ten words or less.

3. Do you fall in love quickly or easily?

4. The opposite end of the spectrum now: do you fall out of love quickly or easily?

5. If you had to pick between the beach at sunset or a candlelight dinner for your final "date" before you and your partner break up, which location would you choose and why?

6. For what single reason would you definitely break up with your partner?

7. What one physical and facial trait do you never notice in a person? In other words, what physical and facial trait DOES NOT matter to you?

8. Is there really such a thing as forever?

9. Is monogamy a myth or is it something to aspire to?

10. Be as creative as possible: where do babies come from? Explain in ten words or less.