Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The "Time for Myself" Tag

Are you raring to get away from the world? What would you do if you had the chance to take your own vacation from everyone, from everything?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, tag all of your friends and get them to answer these questions. All you need to do is answer them briefly, and if you don't want to explain anything, then that's ok, too. Now, tag away!

1. What single event in your life made you want to get away from it all?

2. Where would you go to get away from the chaos of life?

3. What kind of food would you eat?

4. What electronic gadgets would you have on hand to keep yourself busy?

5. What would you do to keep yourself busy?

6. How long would this "time for myself" period last?

7. Where would you definitely NOT go for your time to yourself?

8. What would you definitely NOT do on your alone time?

9. If your time to yourself were a movie and it had a name...it would be...

10. What event/person/situation would snap you out of your alone time?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The "Ex-Post-Fact-Toast" Tag

Everybody has a first love, but it's not always someone they'd like to remember.

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, get a hold of at least four friends who've been through an ex or two - and if you have the courage, tag your ex! All you need to do is pretend that you're talking to your ex. Type out your reply. You don't have to explain why you say certain things - just let your thoughts fly!

1. Ex Says: How are you?
You Say:

2. Ex Says: I haven't seen and/or talked to you in a while. I miss you.
You Say:

3. Ex Says: What have you been up to?
You Say:

4. Ex Says: Did you ever miss me?
You Say:

5. Ex Says: Do you still go to our favorite hangout?
You Say:

6. Ex Says: What's your favorite hangout now?
You Say:

7. Ex Says: What comes to mind whenever you hear "our song" playing?
You Say:

8. Ex Says: Do you still keep pictures of me?
You Say:

9. Ex Says: Do you have a number? Can I still call you?
You Say:

10. Ex Says: Will we see each other again?
You Say:

Monday, September 22, 2008

The "If Life Were a Sandwich" Tag

Life is full of so many things that just come together in a sometimes happy, sometimes annoyingly discordant way. What is your Life Sandwich like?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, start tagging your friends. Get one friend who is always happy. Get one friend who needs a helping hand or a hug. Get another friend who has been your friend for years (or decades), and get another you have known for less than a month. Finally, get a friend that you know answers and loves tags. Now, answer the questions and feel free to explain your answers.

1. Bread holds your sandwich together - it wouldn't be a sandwich without some sort of carbohydrates to keep all the filling in place! Who is the one person that you can't live without in your life?

2. Let's have a bit of mayo in your sandwich, something to add flavor and moisten your bread, something that can go with almost anything in a summery sandwich! Who is the one person in your life who is your trusty companion in all things fun?

3. Now, add some lettuce, something to add nutrients. Who is the one person in your life who gives you the wisdom that your heart needs?

4. Add some pickles, for a bit of spice. Who is the one person in your life who makes life just a little more exciting - the one person who turns ordinary situations into fun, extraordinary ones?

5. Add your sandwich meat, the ham or the cold cuts or even the burger - the protein source, the stuff that makes you think and feeds you brain energy. Who is the one person in your life who always keeps you on your toes, thinking and considering your steps before you take them?

6. Fill that sandwich with some tomatoes, the juicy fruit that can make your sandwich really good and nutritious, but if handled poorly, can turn your sandwich into a mess. Who is the one person in your life that is important to you, but who can mess things up?

7. It's time for the cheese! Cheese adds bite, and salt, and flavor - and some melted cheese can make your sandwich hot and tasty! Who is the one person that you love so deeply, you get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about this person?

8. Hold that sandwich together with a toothpick. Who is that one person in your life who never fails to show you how to think outside the box - the one person who empowers you, makes you feel better about yourself, and gives you the strength to see the good side of any bad situation?

9. Have some fries with it. A sandwich is really good on its own, but hey, let's have some fries - a guilty pleasure to go with your nutrients! So, what is your guilty pleasure?

10. You aren't going to eat your sandwich off the table, are you? Lay your sandwich and fries on a plate. Now, what is the most memorable event in your life, the one event on which your entire existence seems to rest?

Friday, September 12, 2008

The "I'm Unique, and Proud to be" Tag

You're not one of the crowd. Tell everybody why.

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, tag 5 of your most unique, most intriguing, and/or most interesting friends. Simply fill in the blanks and answer the questions honestly. Your answers can be long, short, or hideously kilometric.

I am unique because...

1. I love this color: ____ and for this unique reason:

2. I don't like this animal: ____ because it can be:

3. My name is: ____ and according to ME, my name means:

4. I grew up on a street named: ____ and it was _____ - this makes it different from any other place on the planet

5. I want the movie about my life to be entitled _____ because:

6. The theme song of my life is _____ simply because:

7. The love of my life is like a ______ because:

8. I bet my mom ate this a lot when she was pregnant with me: _____ because:

9. If I had a son, I would name him _____

10. If I had a daughter, I would name her _____

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Animal Tag!

Everyone could be an animal. Who are your pets?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, go tag everyone you've mentioned on the tag (unless they really don't have a blog). All you need to do is name the animal, and maybe add a bit of description as to why you chose that person.

Now, let's play tag!

Who in your life reminds you of:

1. A blackbird?

2. A lion?

3. A giraffe?

4. A mouse?

5. A rat?

6. A dragon?

7. A snake?

8. A cat?

9. A penguin?

10. A German Shepherd?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Annoying Tag

Well, not really - but what are you annoyed about? Tag about those pet peeves!

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, tag 5 of the people in your life who hardly ever annoy you. For extra points in the universe-at-large, tag 3 people who really do annoy you. Now, answer the tag!

1. What animal really annoys you and why?

2. Which famous person would you think would annoy you if you knew him or her much better?

3. On the other hand, which famous person do you think would NEVER annoy you if you knew him or her better?

4. What color annoys you and why?

5. What sport annoys you and why?

6. Which TV show annoys you and why?

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

8. Which movie annoys you and why?

9. Which person on earth, famous or infamous, dead or alive, would probably annoy you if you had to live with him or her 24 hours a day?

10. What word annoys you and why?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Places and Emotions Tag

Every room in your house holds memories. Every room is special.

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, tag at least one family member, and at least two friends. All you need to do is to answer the questions, provide a wee bit of explanation, and be as truthful as possible.

1. What part of your house do you go to for some venting, or calming yourself down when you're angry?

2. What part of your house do you go to for some reminiscing?

3. What color would you like your bedroom to be and why?

4. What part of your house makes you feel most in love with life?

5. What one piece of furniture in your house should go?

6. What is the one piece of furniture that you would never part with?

7. What is the most useful appliance in your house right now?

8. If you were to renovate or remodel only one room in your house, which room would it be?

9. How would you remodel that room?

10. Which room in your house would you NEVER remodel and why?