Monday, September 22, 2008

The "If Life Were a Sandwich" Tag

Life is full of so many things that just come together in a sometimes happy, sometimes annoyingly discordant way. What is your Life Sandwich like?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, start tagging your friends. Get one friend who is always happy. Get one friend who needs a helping hand or a hug. Get another friend who has been your friend for years (or decades), and get another you have known for less than a month. Finally, get a friend that you know answers and loves tags. Now, answer the questions and feel free to explain your answers.

1. Bread holds your sandwich together - it wouldn't be a sandwich without some sort of carbohydrates to keep all the filling in place! Who is the one person that you can't live without in your life?

2. Let's have a bit of mayo in your sandwich, something to add flavor and moisten your bread, something that can go with almost anything in a summery sandwich! Who is the one person in your life who is your trusty companion in all things fun?

3. Now, add some lettuce, something to add nutrients. Who is the one person in your life who gives you the wisdom that your heart needs?

4. Add some pickles, for a bit of spice. Who is the one person in your life who makes life just a little more exciting - the one person who turns ordinary situations into fun, extraordinary ones?

5. Add your sandwich meat, the ham or the cold cuts or even the burger - the protein source, the stuff that makes you think and feeds you brain energy. Who is the one person in your life who always keeps you on your toes, thinking and considering your steps before you take them?

6. Fill that sandwich with some tomatoes, the juicy fruit that can make your sandwich really good and nutritious, but if handled poorly, can turn your sandwich into a mess. Who is the one person in your life that is important to you, but who can mess things up?

7. It's time for the cheese! Cheese adds bite, and salt, and flavor - and some melted cheese can make your sandwich hot and tasty! Who is the one person that you love so deeply, you get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about this person?

8. Hold that sandwich together with a toothpick. Who is that one person in your life who never fails to show you how to think outside the box - the one person who empowers you, makes you feel better about yourself, and gives you the strength to see the good side of any bad situation?

9. Have some fries with it. A sandwich is really good on its own, but hey, let's have some fries - a guilty pleasure to go with your nutrients! So, what is your guilty pleasure?

10. You aren't going to eat your sandwich off the table, are you? Lay your sandwich and fries on a plate. Now, what is the most memorable event in your life, the one event on which your entire existence seems to rest?

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