Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Song Post: At the End of the Day...

It's past sunset, the stars are out, and your day is done. What does it sound like?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog - and then tag all your friends. All you need are the song titles - and if you have a bit of explaining to do, you can go right ahead. Happy tagging!

Now, what is the song that....

1) Plays in your head while you drive?

2) You could have a whole road trip with?

3) Perfectly matches your mood as you walk in the door, fresh from work/school?

4) Plays in your head whenever you look at the moon?

5) Plays in your head whenever you look at the stars?

6) Goes with any dinner (and any wine, if it comes to that)?

7) Goes with your evening bath? (we're talking soaking in the bathtub and just relaxing)

8) Makes you want to go to bed and just sleep?

9) Actually helps you sleep or at least makes you think of sleeping and just vegging out?

10) Goes best with a midnight snack?

1 comment:

Ice said...

Hi Rachel, you have good tags. I definitely will use some in the future. :)