Monday, August 4, 2008

Yet Another Song Tag

It's time to wind down a bit. What are the songs that help you meet the end of your day?

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog. Now, tag your co-workers or fellow students or anyone that you work with or spend a lot of time with. Try for about 5 people, or you may risk stretching tempers of those who don't really like getting tagged (hehe). Now, all you need are song titles, and maybe a little explanation.

What song:

1) Makes you think of the sunset and a day that's about to end?

2) Would you like to have playing as you and your special someone watch the sunset together?

3) Makes you want to party as soon as night falls?

4) Is a great backdrop to your walk or ride home?

5) Should NEVER be played just as your day is winding down?

6) Should be the staple song to make all people smile even after a particularly rough day?

7) Always plays on your mind after you've been through a lot at work at school?

8) Is great to dance to ON YOUR OWN just to get the tension out of a long day?

9) Is great to dance to WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS/CLASSMATES just to get the tension out of a long day?

10) Is the one song that describes this day?

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