Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Song Tag: Getting Through Your Day

Hum your way to happiness. All you need is a little music in your head.

Copy the following tag onto your blog. Answer the questions. Now, tag your friends and tell them to hum along with you. All you need are the song titles, and maybe a short explanation of your answer, if you like. Songs really can get you through the day - do you know what your inner music sounds like?

1. This song would be the song I'd never like to hear on my way to work or school

2. I want this song to play in my head while I walk to school or work

3. I like listening to this song as I get settled into school or work

4. This is the song I start thinking about when I look at myself in the mirror every morning

5. My mom was probably thinking of this song when she was carrying me

6. This song plays in my head at noon, when work reaches its peak

7. I wish I could hear this song over and over throughout my day

8. Watching the rain outside makes me think of this song

9. I'd really hate to hear this song over and over if I'm put on hold

10. This song makes me smile even when I'm under stress at the office or in school

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