Thursday, July 3, 2008

Create Your Own House Tag

Your house is just around the corner - of a few brain cells!

Tag 5 of your closest friends and copy and paste this tag to your blog. Answer away! (It's considered cheating if you have a copy of Architectural Digest or any other construction and design related literature next to you) Don't think about your budget - just dream as you answer.

1. Where would you like your dream house to be? Be as specific as possible - a hill overlooking Florence, at the corner of East and 23rd Streets, etc.

2. How many floors will it have, and what rooms will be on what floors?

3. Will you plant a garden? What will you grow in it?

4. What color will your bedroom (or bedrooms) be? And why that specific color (or why those specific colors)?

5. What will your kitchen look like? Will it be small and cozy for tiny meals, or big and expansive for cookouts?

6. Pool, pond, or both? In an inner courtyard or outside the house?

7. What's in the attic? Is there even one?

8. What's in the basement? Is there even one?

9. What special room would you like to have in your house?

10. Who would your first guest(s) be?

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