Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "I Want to be a Blog Superstar!" Tag

Everyone wants to be part of blogosphere royalty. Can you make the cut?

Cut and paste this onto your blog. Blog five of your closest blog buddies. Now, start talking promotions!

1. What's your blog's name?

2. Time to rhyme. Think of a tagline that you can use on TV, something that rhymes with your blog's name. Ex: Jane's Thoughts would be I wake up all the Crawlers and Bots with Jane's Thoughts!

3. Have some celebrities. Who would you pick to endorse your site?

4. You have only one billboard to promote your site. Where on the planet would you place it?

5. You have only one product to promote your site. It can be as fancy as a fountain pen and as simple as writing pad. What will you use to promote your blog?

6. Now, pick a catchy .com address for your blog.

7. A movie will be made about your blog's success. This movie's title would be...

8. Who would direct the movie?

9. Who would star as you?

10. It's time to take a vacation from your blog and all your promotions. Where will you run off to?

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