Monday, July 21, 2008

The "I Get SO Mad When..." Tag

Rage can be your friend if you control it. Here's one step: talk about it before expressing it.

Copy and paste this tag onto your blog, answer it, and then tag 3 people whom you 1) know have blogs and 2) have gotten into fights with. Be as truthful as possible in answering this tag. The more articulate you are, the better. Feel free to use photos or videos to express yourself. As long as you aren't punching bathroom tiles or drop-kicking innocent dogs, you'll be fine.

1) what is the one habit that you can't stand in anybody you meet?

2) what is the one habit that you can't stand in YOURSELF?

3) what is the one thing that you can't do properly if you'r boiling with rage?

4) when was the last time you got really, really angry? why were you angry?

5) what is the biggest fight you got into? did you ever regret anything that you did or said?

6) how do you cope with anger?

7) it's one thing that annoys everybody else, but it doesn't seem to faze you. what is it?

8) have you ever been so angry, you couldn't even react? when did it happen and why were you angry?

9) has anyone ever been angry with YOU, and you didn't understand why? do elaborate, please.

10) my alternative to getting angry is....?

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